Sandor Ostlund: Links


 Baylor University School of Music

The River Oaks Chamber Orchestra 

Chamber Orchestra San Antonio

The Waco Symphony

Austin Bass Workshop

Texas Strings Camp

The Richard Davis Conference for Young Bassists 

Contrabass Conversations

Edward Taylor, Composer 

Scott McAllister, Composer

Liben Music Publishers

The Art of the Bow:  "A revolutionary DVD combining the highest levels of music pedagogy and performance, digital video, and bio-mechanic motion capture technology." Created by Hans Sturm and based on François Rabbath's bow technique.

Robertson and Sons Violin Shop: Shop located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Expert repair, bow rehairs, and an excellent instrument/bow selection.

Quantum Bass Center: Shop located in Houston, Texas. They not only have a selection of instruments, bows, accessories, Laborie-style endpins, and sheet music (including my own printed editions), but they also regularly offer classes and workshops.

Christian Laborie, Luthier I like to replace the Pops I use in orchestra fairly often, here is where you can get the latest batch.

Ovation Press: Edited orchestral parts by Paul Ellison, Ed Barker, Lawrence Hurst, etc.

International Society of Bassists: Membership provides access to a wealth of bass information--definitely worth being a part of. 

Cluster Research, Bass Wheels: Great bass wheel. I bought mine in 1990, put a lot of miles on it, and it's still going strong.

McMaster-Carr: Source for rubber bow tubing. Look for 1/2" ID, 3/4" OD, 1/8" Wall as a starting point.