Sandor Ostlund: Financial Information

Scholarships and Financial aid

While Baylor is a relatively expensive school, it is also generous, particularly to students with a strong academic record. Many families who work through the financial process find that Baylor is competitive with state schools when it comes to actual cost.

Applying by November 1, 2019 is highly encouraged to ensure you are considered for all possible financial assistance!

For double bassists who are offered a spot in the studio, there are three financial elements used to build the best possible financial package for students:

  1. Academic Awards You can estimate your academic scholarship award here.

  2. Need Based Awards The FAFSA and CSS Profile will need to be completed to determine what grants and other forms of aid that you are eligible for.

  3. Music Scholarship After academic awards and need-based aid have been calculated, the School of Music determines your eligibility for a music scholarship. The student's audition, the number of spots available in the bass studio, and available scholarship funds are the primary determining factors.

Families of all students should complete the FAFSA and CSS Profile as soon as possible so we can help you find all of the grants and other forms of aid for which you are eligible.